Institutul de cercetări produse auxiliare organice mediaș






Project acronym: STEMDENT
Competition/Project ID: PN-II-PT-PCCA--2012

  • Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Iuliu Hatieganu", Cluj Napoca
  • Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj Napoca
  • Institutul de Cercetari Produse Auxiliare Organice, ICPAO Medias
  • Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Victor Babes", Timisoara

Project Coordinator: Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Iuliu Hatieganu", Cluj Napoca

Project responsible from ICPAO: Chim. Lucica Stanulet


A large number of subjects are affected by gingival retraction, the treatment is based on the application of periodontal plastic surgery techniques which usually use associated palatal graft with displaced flap, to cover previously exposed root surfaces. The clinical situation is complicated by concomitant cervical lesions wear (dental erosion), which requires a parallel restorative therapy and a surgical periodontal. Because the periodontal tissue have a low intrinsic regenerative capacity, mesenchymal stromal cells (stem) MSCs contained in palatine grafts which are used in surgery techniques for a reticular cover may increase local progenitor cell pole.
The use of autologous MSCs is an opportunity to increase periodontal regeneration, under the lack of secure protocols standardized by the use of MSCs ex vivo manipulated. The materials used for obstruction dental erosion during the surgical treatment of radicular coverage can have toxic effects on local MSCs due to solubilized residual compounds. In addition, microbiological fingerprint or some genetic features or inflammatory which can influence the local evolution of MSCs by inducing some functional deficiencies.
STEMDENT wants to develop a new application of modern regenerative periodontal treatment by investigating the behavior of oral MSCs in relation with environmental factors.


The STEMDENT has the following objectives:

  • to develop a set of investigations to assess the behavior of MSCs in relation with some genetic, microbiological characteristics and some inflammatory of the body;
  • to develop and characterize a new nanohybrid composite material;
  • to develop standardized treatments surgical combined muco – gingival/ restorer for reactions of gingival / dental erosion based on experimental assessment of the oral behavior of MSCs in relation with the new nanohybrid material and other marked materials and the biological characteristics of the body;
  • to update the understanding and use of research results;
  • to develop an information space in periodontal surgery / chemistry;
  • to disseminate standardized treatment outcomes at European level.

STEMDENT is designed as an interdisciplinary project / multidisciplinary complex with four partners with specific competence as periodontics, maxillofacial surgery, cytology and culture of stem cells, histopathology, immunology, regenerative (nervous tissue), veterinary medicine, development and production of chemical bio-compounds, organic chemistry, marketing and project management.

Innovative character is provided to improve the biocompatibility of the composite material based on rigorous assessment of biological response including stem cell behavior. The proposed approach (in terms of research and interventions) is based on standardization of clinical and laboratory research, after establishing some association arguments between periodontal treatment and restorer (using composite materials) and highlighting the risk indicators with negative influence on the behavior of MSCs (local regeneration), to improve therapy offered - interventional predictability increased and the quality of life.

STEMDENT major results:
Standardized clinical treatments for patients with combined pathology gingival retraction associated with dental erosion, which will eliminate the aesthetic and functional deficiencies and producing a new composite material radiopaque nanohybrid that is used in direct orthodontic therapy, biological and clinical tests. The project results will have an impact on developing the medical education of the students and of the researchers in partner institutions and on the market position of the company.