Institutul de cercetări produse auxiliare organice mediaș




The institute was founded in 1955, under the name of "Chimigaz", with a small personnel, under 50 peoples, with headquarters in Medias and having an experimental pilot plant located on the former "Carbosin" platform located in "Copșa Mică".

The main activity was the research of the the natural gases chemical transformation (into methanol and higher homologues) and studying of the obtained derivatives.

In 1973 the institute changes his name from "Chimigaz" in ICPAO (Research Institute of Auxiliary Organic Products). In the same year are attached two research departments, one from "Rasnov" and the other one from "Tg. Mures", with profiles on acrylic derivatives and products for photographic techniques.

By 1990 it was developed over 200 technology, most of them were industrialized on the platforms from Piteşti, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Borzeşti, Tg. Mureş, Brazi, Târnăveni, Turda, Fălticeni and Carbosin in Copsa Mica.
In the track records of research activities we can enumerate 600 patents innovated by us, 200 technology, medals and diplomas obtained at international exhibition from Geneva, London , Romanian Academy awards.

Today the main activity of ICPAO Medias is applied research on the following areas:

  • Valorization of bio- resource
  • Valorization of by-products
  • Environment protection
  • Modification and physical -chemical characterization of polymers
  • New methods for treating nonwovens and natural leather
  • UV photo- polymerization coatings
  • Technology transfer

With the development of the institute and responding to the demand for expertise in various fields, these concerns have expanded to environmental programs, health, technological modernization and clean technologies.

The institute has:

  • research laboratory: chemistry and analytical chemistry (spectroscopy, chromatography, chemistry physicochemical)
  • pilot plant and equipment: water purification plant with reverse osmosis, micro-pilot tubular reactor of 500 mL, atomizer 1000L, micro-pilot plant for water treatment contaminated with hydrocarbons, pilot plant for esterification, pilot plant to obtain emulsions of vinyl acrylic and acrylic.

In 2012 was set up a working point in Bucharest, Spl. Independentei 202, sector 6, whose activity is carried out in two directions:

  • applied research in the field of polymeric materials
  • characterization of polymers in the Laboratory of physic-mechanical and chemical tests

The research goal is the processing of polymeric materials, both synthetic and made from renewable resources applicable in the following areas: industrial (auto parts, packaging), environment (waste recovery and recycling plastics), medical (biocompatible polymeric materials), etc.

In 2013 was set up a locations in Cluj-Napoca.