Institutul de cercetări produse auxiliare organice mediaș





Project acronym: BIO-MULTI-PAC
Competition/Project ID: PN-II-PT-PCCA--2012
Nr. proiect: 59 / 2012

  • Institutul de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Chimie si Petrochimie, ICECHIM Bucuresti
  • Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti
  • METAV Cercetare-Dezvoltare S.R.L
  • Institutul de Cercetari Produse Auxiliare Organice, ICPAO Medias

Project Coordinator: Institutul de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Chimie si Petrochimie, ICECHIM Bucuresti
Project responsible from ICPAO: ing. Olimpiu Blajan


The project proposes a technology for obtaining multifunctional materials based on the latest generation biodegradable bio-plastics and bio-based additives, using melt process techniques to obtain standard catering food packaging. Novelty at national and international level and the value of the project is determined by the originality of the project conceptual models proposed for obtaining new materials, which at least have similar properties of polymeric materials of petrochemical origin. Currently in the country are accepted oxo-degradable materials and their biodegradability is limited because they are considered non-renewable polymers. The potential applications of new technology are of interest both for new materials that are biodegradable and the possibilities of applying the dual solution on the same platform (full implementation) or on different platforms (application module). The technology can be applied in countries with the same environmental problems as Romania.

The project aims are the following: achieving new technologies for obtaining multifunctional materials based on biopolymers and bio-based additives of the latest generations, by melting techniques process for standard catering food packaging.

To develop new multifunctional biodegradable polymeric materials based on last generation renewable origin materials, which can be processed by thermoforming, injection, extrusion - blowing into catering type food packaging.